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Memory Quilts


State of the art technology enables me to transfer menus, invitations, announcements, family recipes, children's art work; or anything of special meaning to fabric. I incorporate these images into quilts that will be enjoyed by you today and treasured by future generations.

Click on the pictures for an enlarged view.
'Journeys' 'Record Albums'
Journeys Photo Quilt Record Album Quilt
Dimensions: 22" L x 39"" W Dimensions: 22" L x 27" W



'Bow Ties' - Detail 'Bow Ties' - Quilt
Bowtie Quilt Details Bowtie Quilt
Click image to see the details. Dimensions: 50" L x 50"" W
  'Sicilian Quilt'  




Email: roeymendel@gmail.com

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